"He [She] is blessed in love alone, Who loves for years and loves but one."     Sir A. Hunt

Getting married is a huge step to take in any relationship.  There is much to consider, so take all the  to you need to prepare a solid foundation for your future together. Another important consideration, once you have both agreed you want to make that loving commitment official, is, who are you going to get to officiate at your wedding?   We support a person's right to marry whomever they love.  Remember: a piece of paper does not necessarily make a marriage nor does a piece of paper necessarily make a divorce.

We understand that couples can get caught up in the romance of getting married, and don't recognise the hard work it takes to stay in a committed, loving and monogomous relationship after the ceremony and wedding day is over.  Even so, we don't require you to attend pre-marriage counselling sessions.  The only persons who are going to make the effort to make your marriage a happy and healthy one,  are you and your mate.    When you retain one of us to officate at your wedding, we assume that you have both already thought through the complexities of whether or not you both want children, how you are going to handle your finances and where you are going to live.  After all, you have made your choice of mate and are seeking our services to make your choice official.

We believe that everyone has the right to participate in the benefits of being legally married.  We feel that when everyone's civil rights in personal choice are upheld, a society and family values are strengthened.  We further feel that when two people commit body, mind and soul to enter into and stay in a monogomous relationship with each other, all of our family bonds are strengthened.  

Once you have decided on a date, time and place to get married, our goal is to help you have a beautiful wedding ceremony that you will remember for years to come. For more information use our contact page to email us.


  • Just to officiate, that is, if you have your own ceremony prepared :   starting from $400.00*
  • To officiate at and create a personalised wedding ceremony:             starting from $650.00*
  • Travel time and associated costs* vary and will be subject to availability of the minister; will depend on distance travelled and if an overnight stay of the minister is required.  Some of our ministers will travel to other states, where it is legal for them to perform the marriage ceremony.

Local ordinances and regulations will be followed by all wedding officiants, therefore you must apply for and have all necessary licenses and documents required for the wedding ceremony to take place.   Out of country weddings are subject to those country's rules and regulations. 

* PLEASE NOTE: All rates are subject to change.  Once you have decided on retaining the service of the officiant, a 50% deposit will be required and is not refundable.   Ceremony preparation, rehearsal times and financial arrangements are strictly between you and the wedding officiant.